Patient Self-Registration

Background details needed for treatment as per your specialty are collected from patient.

Case Logging

Patient as well as medical staff can enter vitals and diagnostic notes necessary for treatment. Histories are maintained for subsequent reference.


Prescribe from a standard and comprehensive medicine list. Share prescriptions with pharmacist for automatic fulfilment.


Give and receive referrals easily at a click.

Investigative Reports

Share investigation requests with labs. Access reports as soon as they are published.

Patient Engagement

Answer patient queries when free. Have one-way or two-way messaging. Optionally, have announcement boards for all your patients.

Bills and Appointments

Generate quick bills and one-touch appointments. Easy to use, easy to configure! Intuitive for patients...

Multi-doctor Support

Add more doctors to your team and let each handle their patients.

Diabetes Care

See self-monitored BSL (SMBG), diet, and exercise diaries for accurate guidance. Adjust medicine/Insulin with a click. Ensure a consistent self-care regime.

Control HbA1c from Today!

Thyroid Care

Prescribe Thyroid investigations with a click. See date-wise blood pressure, weight patterns for easy analysis.

Facilitate Health through Daily Routine!

Obesity Care

See pathologies and background history for easy weight analysis. Prescribe diet plans. Monitor remotely yet regularly for ensuring best follow-up and best results.

Make Fitness Easy!

Dental Care

See patient's dental records with date-wise history. Allow patients to self-register and arrange appointments. Achieve higher visibility and loyalty.

Keep Them Smiling!

Physicians, Specialists, as well as Dentists can use it to access their patient records faster and communicate with their patients easily.
Patients can use it to manage all their treatment records - from all their doctors - in one place.
Poly-clinics and hospitals can onboard their consultants and teams for better communication.
Labs can receive work-orders from doctors, share reports with patients and doctors easily.
Pharmacies can receive prescription refill requests easily.
Upon registration, you will be immediately given access to a web system as well as a download link to the app. You can immediately start building your patient network by circulating your unique Invitation Code to all your patients - new and old.
We keep your data for a period of 1 month to allow for renewal. Once renewed, the data continues to be stored as before. You can always export your patient data in an excel.
Internet is required only to update records. You can still see all prior downloaded data offline. New patient registrations, appointments etc can also still continue as the patient does these activities.
We have given specialty-wise sets of parameters to cover most common vitals for that specialty. You can ignore the parameters you don't need. Parameters can be customized only in our ultra-premium version. Email us for an ultra-premium version!
Color and logo customizations are available in our premium version. Get the GOLD now!
This is a uniquely designed system which gives you an easy yet comprehensive access to clinical histories. You can continue to use your XYZ app while you start using Net4Medix and experience the difference yourself.
Net4Medix offers everything from clinical histories, e-prescription, lab report histories, patient engagement, referrals, appointments, billing, and CRM feaatures such as feedback, testimonials, social media links. You really do not need anything else to manage a small-to-medium practice.
Sure, we do offer your own apps in our premium and ultra-premium solutions. Premium offering means your own app with template-based (chosen by you) color themes and custom clinic logo which you can add once you register. It still has specialty-wise parameters. Ultra-premium app offers all this and custom parameters too. Email us for an ultra-premium version!

So what are you waiting for? Get started TODAY!